Nov 252014

open edu 300-x-200px copyAt last week’s Open Education Conference, Lane Fischer presented the results of a study he conducted with Jared Robinson, John Hilton and David Wiley on “the impact of open textbook adaptation on the learning outcomes of post-secondary students.”

The authors analyzed data on 16727 community college students.  4,909 students were in the “treatment” group that used open textbooks, and 11,818 were in the control group. They found that the treatment group students were more likely to complete the courses they were enrolled in, and were more likely to receive a passing grade.  Students in the treatment group were able to take more credits both the semester they used open textbooks and the following semester. All of the results were highly statistically significant.

Fischer told the audience that the take-home point was “students are moving faster, with generally better grades, toward graduation.”

Click here for their full paper:

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