CC-US Public Lead Michael Carroll
Photo by Joi Ito (CC BY 2.0)

Creative Commons – U.S. is a volunteer affiliate of CC focusing on U.S-specific issues and activities.  We provide a voice for CC user questions and interests where U.S.-specific copyright issues are the subject of political debate and online advocacy.

The affiliate gives sustained attention to U.S.-specific policy and legal developments, such as state government support for the development of open educational resources.  We provide outreach, education, and support to local organizations and communities that use  (or could use) the Creative Commons license suite.

We also provide a home for monitoring, organization and advocacy of policy proposals that affect the functioning of the CC license within the United States.  On this site you will see find “reports from the field” which describe numerous examples of grassroots action to grow the commons in the U.S., to promote open education, and drive further creativity.

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